Muttertag Gina

Ihr Lieben,
morgen ist Muttertag — eigentlich unser Tag….

Doch trotz meiner lebenden Kinder,
habe ich jedes Jahr das Gefühl,
nicht die Freude,
sondern die Traurigkeit überwiegt.
Wie eine dunkle Wolke, wie ein Schatten….
so wiedersprüchlich,
denn nur die Sonne wirft einen Schatten.
Zum Mütterfrühstück in den Kindergarten
konnte ich heute Morgen nicht gehen.
Nicht heute….
Nicht an dem Tag, an dem sich vor elf Jahren
mein fünftes Sternenkind ganz leise von mir schlich.
Ein Tag, der glücklich begann und so jäh endete.
Es war der 10. Mai,
es war ein Sonntag,


A kiss to you on Mothers Day,
a hug from me to you.
I know that you are sad sometimes,
I know that you are blue.
Please wipe away that tear,
and put on a happy face.
For I’m with God in Heaven now,
and oh Mommy, what a wonderful place!
God gave me wings so I could fly,
they are white with a hint of blue.
I’m a big boy Mommy, with these wings of mine,
they carry me down to visit you.
God is teaching me how to catch your prayers,
prayers that come as wishes.
Your wish is the same everyday,
a wish that I could have stayed.
I have a prayer for you now Mommy,
I pray that you will hear.
God needed me here with him,
I have no pain or fear.
For I am an Angel now you see,
I watch over you each night and day.
A little peice of heaven on earth,
guiding you on your way.
I come to tuck you in each night,
as you wanted to do with me.
I hear your prayers, and kiss your cheek,
and then I watch you dream.
Before I leave you and go back home,
I look at you and sigh.
And as I fly back to heaven,
I sing you a lull-a-bye.
A kiss to you on Mothers Day,
a hug from me to you.
I love you Mommy, please don’t cry,
you’ll get to hold me soon.
~~ Author unknown ~~

Ganz traurige und liebe Grüße